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Ghost Patrol

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Ghost Patrol

Published 1936
Topics western, sci-fi

Professor Brent (Lloyd Ingraham) invents a radium tube that gives off previously undiscovered rays which can control electricity. He rather foolishly trusts Kincaid (Wheeler Oakman) who imprisons him and forces him to use his invention to crash mail planes, so Kincaid and his gang can rob them. Tim Caverly, alias Tim Toomey (Tim McCoy), an FBI agent, goes to find out what's going on, posing as an outlaw wanting in on Kincaid's racket.

With the inadvertent aid of Brent's daughter Natalie (Claudia Dell), Tim discovers Brent and the details of the recent plane crashes. But even when victory is within reach, anything can, and since this is a classic western, it will happen...

[Synopsis by uniQ.]

[Note from uniQ: This file is probably the epitome of all bad science plot films from the 20s and 30s up to the 50s. It's (probably) the grandaddy of films that have 'evil computer hackers' that can turn your lights on and off in them these days. Not real science, but plot-exploitable, potentially panic-inducing science.]

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Run time 1:00:00
Producer Sig Neufeld
Production Company Excelsior Pictures, Puritan Pictures
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Tim McCoy .... FBI Tim Coverly
Claudia Dell .... Natalie Brent
Walter Miller .... Dawson
Wheeler Oakman .... Kincaid
James P. Burtis .... Henry Brownlee
Lloyd Ingraham .... Prof. Jonthan Brent
Dick Curtis .... Henchie Charlie


Reviewer: 18Burner - favoritefavorite - January 4, 2008
Subject: Them Changes
Consider that the crime the hero's out to stop is the disabling of particular planes. Then watch a Douglas M-2 suddenly become a Travelaire 4000. Variety is nice, but you have to land one to get into the other unless there was some Waldo Pepper action that was cut. Later the good guys fly to the rescue in a sweet old Stinson that turns into a Fokker 10A when it lands. Like getting 2 bonus engines for surviving the dirty trick.
The independence of the female lead is good to see in a low-budget pic. Leads wear great duds. And I don't agree that it's the worst of the pseudoscience genre. I'm not even sure "Murder By Television" is and that's a lot worse.
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavorite - January 16, 2006
Subject: The Real McCoy!
When a woman finds out that a plane which has crashed in the forests in Shiloh, she immediately pulls out another clipping about her father inventing a new ray (but not a new Bob) and immediately, not really too sure how, puts the two together that theyre related. And shes right! Bag guys have kidnapped her father so that the ray machine (which makes a LOT of noise) can bring planes carrying loot down from the sky (you know this is happening when the plane sound effects go off and on). FORTUNATELY, Tim Mccoy, still wearing the biggest cowboy hat ever known to man, is also going to Shiloh to check things out! Will they figure out the mystery of why planes are going down in the area before the plane full of G.I.s to help Mccoy in the mystery is affected by the ray? (why would they take a plane in the first place?), will Dad and Daughter reunite? Will Mccoy ever aim his gun? Tune in to find out. Well, you dont have to. Its not much of a movie, lots of implausibilities. Fortunately, Mccoy is always a hoot, and the hybrid of Western / Sci Fi is always interesting.
Reviewer: Travisab1 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 14, 2005
Subject: A Good Movie
Well... I suppose the leading guy with the white hat had low powered powder in his bullets. It seems as though the bullets wouldn't come out of the end of his pistol without him slinging his gun really, really hard. I now see where the word, "Gunslinger" came from.

Why is it that the daughter who is looking for her dad always looks like fruit of the godÂs??? Here she is with a skirt, blouse and matching jacket with high heels and a footin it all over the country side? WhereÂd the ugly daughterÂs go? Can you imagine that all the felonÂs could think of doin with her is lockin her in a closet? Sheesh, well after they get out of prison IÂd hate to think of what theyÂd do with a sweet thang like that. High heelÂs, wow and she never complained about her feet either.

The story, plot and production were better than that of most ÂBÂ movies. This show is really entertaining and too, it will keep you in suspense. I love that word, suspense. It surely fits in a lot of places.

Reviewer: Hans Wollstein - favoritefavorite - April 13, 2005
Subject: But where is the Frankenstein monster?
Remember the noisy electrical gadgetry in the original Frankenstein (1931)? Well, that was the work of hobbyist Kenneth Strickfaden who would rent the stuff out to film producers both high and low. The buzzing gadgets eventually found their way into this unusual Tim McCoy western, the ninth of ten he would make for release by Puritan Pictures Corp. Directed by the prolific Sam Newfield and produced by brother Sig Neufeld, "Ghost Patrol" was put together in a matter of days for around $11,000, of which $4000 were earmarked for McCoy's salary. Because of the Neufeld brothers' stinginess, the little thriller managed to earn Puritan a gross total of $65,000 on the territorial states rights market. As a western, "Ghost Patrol" isn't much -- mostly McCoy and heavies Walter Miller and Wheeler Oakman running in and out of a cage set rented from Republic Pictures -- but it is nice to see Strickfaden's electric wizardry in full throttle once again.
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